Effective communications are key to winning customers. Let us help you get the word out with key communications tools.

MarCom Plans

We can help you achieve results by building a marketing communications plan. That’s where integrated marketing comes in, ensuring that your message is clear and consistent across the many ways you reach your audience, from public relations to sales calls to your website. We work with you to understand the markets you want to reach and build targeted strategies and tactics to get you there.


Effective copy tells your story clearly. Let’s determine the best way to describe your product or service, the benefits and key words that compel your audience to take action.

Case studies, project profiles, fact sheets, white papers. These are all effective tools for communicating your differentiation in the market. Why are you better, faster, the right choice? We’ll help you ensure your stories are fresh and relevant.

Case Studies

Everybody loves a good story, and one that confirms your product or service performed as promised? That’s good as gold. Let us help you tell your success stories in a simple one page format, in a detailed product brief or a white paper that delves into details.


Protecting and building your brand are a very important part of your success. Yet, these tasks are often overlooked or not seen as a high priority. How your brand is perceived in the marketplace influences current customers as well as potential targets. Let’s make sure it’s right image.

If you need to improve or augment your brand, we’ll determine the best methods and get started. We can help you build your brand via several marketing efforts.


Maybe your website needs a refresh, your current marketing materials are out-of-date or you need a polished letter from your CEO. We can update your messaging and increase your relevance.

Website Content

Web content that’s updated and relevant with the latest news is good for your audience, and it’s great for SEO. Plus, your site can be the front line of communication so you’ll want to ensure that the messages still ring true and the copy isn’t ‘stale’.

We can help augment and update your site, talking about new products and features, promoting case studies that prove your product, and adding the latest testimonials.

Public Relations & Social Engagement

Outreach with interesting and relevant information is a great way to increase awareness of your business. Let’s tell your story using the best selection of media. It may be a blog, national coverage, an article about you or your business in a trade journal, a local media relations campaign for an upcoming event. These are all great ways to spread the word. We’ll help you put together the right campaign and implement with the best timing.

Sales Support Materials

If you use PowerPoint, does your slide deck need a refresh? Does your brochure still ring true? Are you using video to share the latest across several online platforms?

We can help create fresh messaging to effectively tell your story.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Our goal is to help you get the right message to the right audience at the best time. Success comes from strategic planning and timely implementation. We help you ensure your communications campaigns are clear and integrated. From top down, from the product launch to new releases, from internal to external communications, from PR, trade shows and sales presentations, let’s be sure they all tell the same compelling story.