I’ll craft effective communications to help you communicate with your customers – with clear, inviting copy and a good story.

MarCom Plans

Having a MarCom, or marketing communications, plan helps clearly identify your goals and key messages. We work with you to understand the markets you want to reach. Then, define targeted strategies and tactics to get you there.


Effective copy clearly tells your story including the best features and benefits that compel your audience to take action. Why are you better, faster, the right choice?

Case Studies

Customers and prospects respond well to success stories. It could be time to tell one of yours.


Protecting and building your brand are a very important part of your success. Let’s work together to ensure it’s right image. If you need to improve your brand, we’ll determine the best methods.


Fresh, relevant content is key with everyone’s short attention span. For many, your website is your first line of communication. Let’s ensure your messages ring true with effective communications.

Public Relations & Social Media

Stories about your company, staff and products are great ways to promote your business. Whether you wish to generate a blog, press release or news story, we can help. We can also write an article for a trade journal, or create a local media relations campaign for an upcoming event. We’ll help you put together the right campaign with the best timing.